Design & Development

A website is a fundamental requirement for a business to succeeded in the 21 century.

Web Design

For a website to be a success there are many elements that need to be brought together, not just the code and colours, the whole sociotechnical system needs to be considered.

@Tommy The websites I create are not only built to be aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable for your users, they are also built to be easily maintained and updated for you.

Being able to update a website with images, products or information is a must for many business to keep their customers up to date.

@Tommy I am able to build customer relationship management systems that allow you to interact with your website how you want to.


Some of the sites I have created


There are a wide array of options available today to get your business or organisation online. @Tommy I can supply hosting via starting @ £6.99 a month.

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A great way to engage with your website users is to provide them with applications to interact with.


@Tommy I am able to create user friendly web applications that can be easily embedded into new and existing websites.

Select a Tile to begin..

This tile calculator application for finding out how many tiles are required to cover a given area, is a simple example of the types of applications I can create.

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Design & Development

The ubiquitous mobile phone can be used by businesses in a number of ways, such as interacting with customers or improving business productivity.

@Tommy I can help realise your application needs whether it be

If you have a business idea revolved around an application.

If you want to extend your business into the mobile application world.

If you need away to boost business productivity.

@Tommy I am able build effective, memorable applications that are enjoyable and easy to use.

Take a look at these mobile applications I currently have published on Google playstore.

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Tile Calculator

A simple tool

Tile calculator allows a user to quickly find out how many individual tiles and how many M2 packs will be required to cover a given wall size.

Tile Calculator is a simple tool that is currently (2017) Google playstore's Number 1 tool in its class

Try searching for a 'Tile Calculator' on Google playstore now to see if the app is still Number 1


The application boasts a bright and easy to use interface.


This short video shows how easy it is to use

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Feed Me

Recipe finder

Feed me allows you to quickly mix up your ingredients to find new and exciting recipes or you can simply find an appetising meal with the ingredients you have to hand

Feed me allows you to search and save 1000’s of recipes based on the ingredients you have. The application makes use of’s recipe finding API which has created a database full of fantastic recipes from some of the best known chefs and websites such as Jamie Oliver and BBC good food.


The application boasts a bright and easy to use interface.


This Gif shows how easy it is to use, this Gif was used as part of a twitter advertising campain


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Design & Render

Do you need an object created for 3D printing, a product or building rendered or perhapse an animation to promote your business or product.

@Tommy can produce images and video in a multitude of formats including 360° that can help promote your business or products in unique, distinct and memorable ways.

Here is a sample of works created @Tommy

Products & Models