orange_ring What I do


I build bespoke responsive websites from scratch, this allows me to create a website that is truly tailored to your business needs, whether it be a simple one page advert or a fully interactive e-commerce website. I am also able to supply secure hosting and database design and deployment.

Some of the sites I have created

Web Applications

Web applications are a great way to engage with your website users, whether it be a shopping basket, interactive images, booking systems.. the list goes on. I can apply and extend many of the hundreds of web applications already available or design and build a bespoke application to meet your needs whether it is a fully interactive database management system or a dynamic image.


User experience and user interaction are highly important when building anything someone is going to use. I apply industry standard interaction techniques, heuristic’s, testing and evaluation to all the software I create.

Take a look at my android applications to see some good examples of how I apply UX and UI.

Android Applications

Have you got a great idea for an application or would you like to improve business productivity, employee interactions or simply looking for a new way to interact with your clients. I can design and build your application ensuring that it is user friendly, effective, efficient and fun.

Social Media Advertising & Print Media

Get the most from your advertising, I can create media in many formats to advertise your business and use multiple image creation and manipulation software to create high quality digital media that can be formatted to suit your needs, whether it be a Facebook advert, business cards or a leaflet run.

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